Indian Street Food Exploration

India is home to one of the world’s most amazing food. This is a food tour of Mumbai India. It is packed with cuisine that you’ll certainly fall in love with. You will never run out of food to eat here. You’ll know what they’re talking about when travelers say that India is sensory overload.

First street food is Pav Bhaji. It’s a bread bun that is smothered with melted butter and a sauce of tomato, onions, peas, and potatoes. It is really unbelievably good. So juicy and creamy. It’ll melt in your mouth.

Second street food is a vegetarian delicacy. It’s the mumbai burger. It’s the Vada Pav. It’s so crunchy and soft at the same time. There’s fennel, cumin in there. The main ingredient is mashed potatoes that’s then fried.

Third street food is the egg pancake loaded with saffron with cinammon milk. It’s called Malpua. An oily flavour bomb. It tastes like a sweet cinnamon banana.

There are so many other street food, like fried pheasant, tandoori quail, lamb brain gravy, and so much more.