How Indians celebrate their festival

Most of the people likes to celebrate fiestival but some of them doesnt celebrate but only relaxing. Because compared to the indian culture fiestival, today is much more boring and the other people are not participating because they just think that if there is a fiestival , there will be a holiday and they just want to relax their self. In the indian culture many years ago, there was a time that they are celebrating fiestival every day of the year that is 365 fiestival in a year.


Because at that time, the fiestival is a tool that helps to bring life to the state of excitement and interest That time it was the meaning and significance of anniversaries. The entire nation was in a national of festivity. If today was cultivating day, it was a kind of festivity. Just like planting day is tomorrow, just like all the celebration are being celebrated by the entire india and that is very amuzing because mostly of the people in india are cooperating to the fiestival.


But sadly in the last 500 years, the poverty in india in increased and still increasing till today and because of that some people in india cannot participate in the fiestival because they don’t have enough food to prepare and money to buy something or even their fair. And because of poverty some people just want to go to their work in the 公司登記  and not the fiestival.

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