What are the values you should remember if you visit India

In every country there should be a law or a values that you should respect and there are also that you should not do in india.  In india, the traffic is very high and even if there are many traffic lights some people don’t follow them. They just honking their cars and it is the sign that the car is moving or passing.


You should also remember a little bit of Hindi phrases that will surely help you break the ice in india: Namaskar (hello), shukriya (thank you), aap kaise hai (how are you), kitna hai (how much) and naam kya hai (what’s your name), is just enough and help you for your first indian adventure. If you want to stay healthy and well, then you should not drink their tap water because it is not very clean even if it is filtered and put in the bottle, you don’t know what germs could have that water.


You will need to get ready for being gazed at and it is more emptily than lecherously. But it is the best to just dodge inquiring stares because if you also stare to them it can be measured as teasing. As the  autocad company always telling us You should be very careful if you are alone and it is your first time traveling india because you do not know what will happen and you should always remember to be kind

Thanks to our business partner Armando P. Ponton that shared this information to us!