Interesting facts about Indian marriage

Indian weddings ceremonies are very unlike from the other wedding ceremonials that just only past for one day. There are Three phases of indian wedding in the india and that are Pre-day wedding traditions, Actual wedding day rituals and Post-wedding day celebrations. There is also a very popular procedure for beautifying the bride and that is called Solah Shringar. In that procedure they do styling the hair of the bride, doing the make up,  Making the dress, They accesorizing the bride with the proper traditional wedding and putting the ornaments.


There is also a superstition that is being follow by every couple to be and it has to be that the bride and the groom should and must share every food and drinks that they are going to consume during the ceremonies. And most of the indian people believe that if you follow your love to each other will surely increase. It is also requires for the bride and the groom to have 7 vows that should  you put with your own heart.


And the other amazing ritual that the indian has is while the bride is doing the vow, the groom should should remove his shoes during the vow and pheras ceremonies and the sisters of the bride will steal the shoes and the groom my pay for the safe return of his shoes and there are many rituals that you should know and you should also now how works. Thanks to our business partner Gloria A. McMahon that shared this information to us! Fashion trends is always what females are waiting always. Because girls usually wants to get the first of the new styled dress like Jasmine fashion. They put together the creative ideas of all the designers to make fashion in this bridal shop as one of the top choice always.