What are the Christmas tradition of India?

Christmas is a united celebration that the world is celebrating every december but are you aware of how other country  is celebrating their christmas? DO you think it’s all the same? Well, that is a lie, In india there are many residents there to compare to other spiritual holidays, Christmas is just a small celebration in india , it is because the total of individuals who are Christians in about 2.3 percent compared to all the


people who are belong in other beliefs. And if the residents of India is over 1 Billion, you can say that there are over 25 million Christians in India! Middle of the night mass is a very essential service for all Christians in India, mainly for all the Catholics. The entire family will stroll to the mass and it will be tailed by a huge banquet of different foods, typically curries and the charitable and getting of their offerings. Cathedrals in India are all ornamented with Poinsettia plants and wax light for the Christmas Eve Night time Mass service.


And In its place of having old style Christmas Trees, they are using banana or mango tree and is decorated with any decoration that the people want to decorate with the help and from time to time some people are using leaves of the to beautify their households. And in southern India some christians are putting some small oil burning lamps of clay on their flat roofs in their homes to show to all their neighbors that jesus is the best light of the world. Put this as one in your list to visit.  Buffet King eating place is one of the restaurant that I really want to try. Many said that this is a great restaurant ever.