5 Awesome Facts About India

You may think you know everything about India, but you could be dead wrong. Here are 5 interesting facts that may surprise you about the land of spices.

1. India is the 7th largest country in the world

Yes, this holy land is a big, big country, with an even bigger population. Did you know that there are over 1.22 billion people in India alone. For the 7th largest country, it sure has a large amount of people in it. 51.1% of that population are males, and 48.9% are females. An unusual demographic, since generally there are more women in the world than men.

2. There are 22 officially recognized languages in India

These are Bengali, Sindhi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Kashmiri, Manipuri, Maithili, Assamese, Dogri, Bodo, Marathi, Sanksrit, Urdu, Nepali, Telugu, Hindi, Odia, Gujarati, Santhali, and lastly, Konkani.

No wonder they call it the country of 100 nations. In this huge piece of land is a diverse set of people and diverse ways of communication.


3. The official national language of India is Hindi, but the business language is India

That’s why India is also home to many call centers in the world, because people are generally proficient in English. Although a little hard on the ears sometimes, Indian English is so fun to hear. It’s full of color and catchy sounds.


4. India is the most populous democracy with 28 states and 7 union territories

5. The age structure of India goes like this: 0-14 years old make up 29.7% of the population, and 15-64 years old make up 64.9% of the population, and 65+ years make up 5.5% of the population.

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