3 Traditional recipes from Indian

Indian has it’s own way of cooking and they don’t just inventing things, but also they can invent spices and food delicacies that are very yummy and popular around the world. And this 3 traditional recipes from india will surely make your mouth water and make your really hungry! First the Aloo baingan masala it is also known as the dish of Nepali and Pakistani countries. It is a vegetarian food that contains chopped potatoes and brinjal full with flavors in curry the cauliflower is sautéed with potatoes and with garam masala, kalonji occasionally turmeric, and curry leaves.

Indian chicken jalfrezi with rice and vegetable curry.

The patties of potato is assorted with some cooked vegetables. Second is the Baati it is a vegetarian type of bread that is very delicious and a must try bread if you will visit india. Bhatura is also a type of bread that is vegetarian and created with all purpose flour and if you are a bread lover, you must try and eat indian bread delicacies and Im very sure that you won’t regret anything that you will taste there.

Third is the Biryani It can be as a main dish or a side dish in your meal or in 公司設立 because it is mixed with rice dish and it has an optional spices that you can put, you can also put vegetables if you like, it is also available in meats or with seafood. This foods can be served with a plain yogurt.

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