5 Things you didn’t know about India

Do you think you already know all about India? Well, there are many things that you still don’t know about India just like their income tax, in population about 1.2 billion in india only 3% of Indian people are paying the right income tax. Because the agricultural is an exemption to the income tax payments and 2 thirds of all indian are living in a rural areas. A large area in the economy is also has an informal and un organizes labour that’s why it is harder for them to collect income taxes to the peoples.


Numerous discussions are happening when paying tax that approximately in india the nation’s economic difficulties would be solved in just a fell swoop.  India has also what they call “Wedding detectives”. It is a detective that being hired to check the groom to be if he has any girlfriends in the past and if he is cheating or he has a good family or not. The bride or the family of the bride hired Wedding detective to know the truth about her groom to be and it is very unusual detective because it is happening only in india.

There is also a law that the horn noise is allowed even if it is very noisy they are still allowing it and if you are driving a truck, you must horn your truck to make a noise. Everywhere you go you can see a plastic chair outside the street  and many of the tourist doesn’t know it yet or they are not aware of it but it is very clique.

Thanks to our business partner Tommy D. Kiesel that shared this information to us!